One of my friends have taken some photos which were deleted by some elements by forcibly taking their mobile device and deleting them.

So I searched for ways (including app searches) for fast backup newly captured photo by his camera to prevent this problem in future.

I need to find a way of doing this backup efficiently and automatically. Please suggest ways of doing that

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You can try this app. It can instantly upload taken photos to Google Drive or Dropbox. There is option in settings to upload using cellular data.

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I use pcloud, a cloud storage app. It has an automatic upload feature that uploads every photo or screenshot as soon as it is taken, even via mobile data.

Free version of the app gives you 5 GB cloud storage. I am not affiliated with the app but a happy user of paid version.

Alternatively, you can use Folder sync to create folder pairs to sync with practically any cloud service of your choice (see app description for supported clouds). But to make it upload automatically you may need to automate the process or you can upload on schedule. I use folder sync to schedule my device folders with Pcloud and Google Drive.


I use official google photos app. It also provides free storage as well as also shows suggestions based on artificial intelligence for gifs, colleges, and colorpop etc.

Update depending on comments

I would like to clarify that photos app does not immediately upload photos but it processes all uploads in background.


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