On Android 8.1, Moto G5 Plus, I sometimes get notifications from the battery manager of which are are using the most battery. When this happens, the app crash. Two of these apps are AirVPN and a download manager. Why does the battery manager cause the apps to crash? I have these apps to not be affected by battery optimization. Even when they were affected by the optimization, they still crashed. How can I prevent this from happening?

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    I don't think battery manager is causing the crash ; my guess is that app(s) are malfunctioning (beta?) and this is causing a battery drain (reported by battery manager). This malfunctioning ultimately is leading to the crash, supported by the fact that battery optimization doesn't make a difference. I would suggest Uninstall one app and take a logcat when the app crashes. That may help in understanding better – beeshyams Jan 1 at 8:33

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