I am using Honor 7a model in India. I had forgotten my pattern completely.I tried following 2 ways without lose of data.but it is not working . I tried

  1. ADB Manager - It supports lower versions.
  2. Dr.fone app - it says that it can unlock without lose of data for Samsung and LG mobiles. My model is honor 7a.

Is there any way to unlock without data lose?

  • Enable Wifi so that the device has Internet access. Then you should be able to bypass the pattern lock using your Google account password (via "Forgot Pattern" feature). – Robert Jan 1 at 13:35
  • forgot pattern is not shown in honor 7a model,it shows only emergency. – user312519 Jan 1 at 13:42
  • You have to enter the wrong pattern at least 5 times before you can use this option. And according to this info it should be possible on this device: phonetipsandtricks.com/tips/huawei-honor-7a/… – Robert Jan 1 at 13:44
  • robert,but i have tried more than 20 times.it is not shown in oreo – user312519 Jan 1 at 13:46
  • And your device has a working connection to the Internet and Google? – Robert Jan 1 at 13:51

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