I want to benefit from Androids "Do not disturb"-feature while driving. My idea is to activate the "Do not disturb"-feature, when my phone connects to my cars bluetooth. If enabled no notifications would appear which is a huge advantage for me because this results in less distractions while driving.

"Do not disturb"-feature is already configured properly. If manually activated I do not get any distracting notifications. My question is how to automatically activate the feature when a bluetooth connection is established.

I'm using a Oneplus 6 with Android 10. My car does not support Android Auto.

Bonus points for solutions that don't require to install further apps. Unfortunately I think that is not possible right now.


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As you guessed, you need an extra app and in this case app.

MacroDroid is easy to learn and free up to 5 macros. You need one macro


Bluetooth event → Device connected → your car device


Priority mode/Do not disturb → select one of the options - Allow priority notifications or Block all

Name and save the macro

You would need to manually disable DND mode once you are out of your car BT range or create another macro where the trigger would be BT event → Device disconnected and in the action whatever you wish, likely allow all

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    You can test this with any BT device like ear phones –
    – beeshyams
    Jan 3, 2020 at 16:39

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