reference: How to uninstall app installed on non-present SD card

I have read the above question but it doesn't help in my case.

I have a LG G6 at android 9. My SD card slot recently encountered some physical problem, and I am no longer able to mount my SD card physically. As a result, I become unable to access apps that I had moved to my SD card. Those apps still appear on my home screen, but are greyed out, tapping them shows a message "app isn't available". They do not show up in the application list in settings

with reference to the answers to the above question: 1. I am unable to drag icon to uninstall. When I do, the whole home screen crashes, and when the home screen restarts, the icon is still tgere greyed out 2. App is not found in settings>application 3. is there anyway to solve this on phone only without computer?

I tried to reinstall the apps, but the problem is that, when I try to reinstall these apps from google play store: -the download button is there and pressable -it does start to download until complete -it starts to install, but then immediately, -an error message "Can't install [appname] Try again, and if it still doesn't work, see common ways to fix the problem" shows up and the installation stops -and it goes back to the install button, happens every time i try with every missing app

So here is what I would want to do with the apps: - app data isn't really important - i would like to somehow have the apps available to use again, with memory stored in my phone instead of sd card - all i can think of is somehow remove the app corpse from phone and reinstall from Google play - whatever method is good as long as i can use the app again on the phone

  • I don't have root access – nayfaan Jan 7 at 6:46

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