I am looking for an FTP server for my android phone which will allow me to resume a download that has failed. In other words it has to support the REST command. Currently I am using (the otherwise excellent) swiFTP, but it doesn't have this feature. I also tried File Expert.

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    I'm not sure of your objective and constraints, but would it be possible to use rsync/scp instead of FTP? – earthmeLon Aug 9 '12 at 18:46

Or, if not FTP, and not rsync/scp, but an SSH server (like DroidSSHd, a free/libre SSH server which I could find that would work on my non-rooted Galaxy S with Android 2.2), you could use the simple script rpush-into to continue an interrupted transfer.

In rpush-* scripts, I've implemented the file-transfer through SSH with the help of only the basic cat and ls on the remote side. So that it can be used even if the SSH server on Android doesn't provide scp, sftp, or rsync.

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