I found benchmarks of micro SD card in various websites. For reading those values and deciding and understanding and clarifying which one is relevant for adoptable/ swapping. I want to know what speed value is relevant for Internal/External storage

for system applications booting of android and basic applications like chrome YouTube Facebook WhatsApp and other apps functioning NOT FOR GAMES OR VIDEOS

Online Websites and Andro benchmark app and gives values of

Sequential read and write

Random read and write

Random read write QD1 4KB MB/ps

Random read write QD32 4KB MB/ps

Random read write QD1 4KB IOPS

Random read write QD32 4KB IOPS

For using my MicroSDcard as adaptable OR swapping storage

Now my questions are :-

  1. System booting Android applications read and write randomly or sequentially which values more relevant means application writes randomly or sequentially

  2. What Queue Depth QD is relevant for Booting android system and basic applications QD1 or QD32

  3. Which Block size android applications work in 4KB or 8KB 512 Bytes block size on what ground it should be compared

  4. what speed of reading or writing is more relevant for booting system and general application an adoptable swapping storage

  5. what value should be compared OR more relevant MBPS or IOPS for QD1 4KB and QD32 4KB while considering applications writing or reading speed

  6. what RANGES OF VALUES of following benchmarks criteria will be sufficient or believed excellent for booting and system application

    A Sequential Read 1000MB/s

    B Sequential Write 1000MB/s

    C Random Read 512 MB/s

    D Random Write 512MB/s

    E Random Read QD1 4KB MB/s

    F Random Write QD I 4KB MB/s

    G Random Read Qd32 4KB MB/s

    H Random Write Qd32 4KB MB/s

    I Random Read QD1 4KB IOPS

    J Random Write QD I 4KB IOPS

    K Random Read Qd32 4KB IOPS

    L Random Write Qd32 4KB IOPS

I hope contributors will not comment mark it duplicate or broad as i have seen same queries in other post but for hard disk or lynix or windows testing but no answers and explanation in android perspective. My view in stack exchange contributors will use their time energy in finding answers then searching for duplicate and finding excuse to not answer


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