I have a Samsung Note 9 SM-N960F / DS which I bought in Germany! The first time, the phone was used in an Southeast Europe (SEE) country, so it has an SEE firmware. Service provider shows: SEE/SEE, DBT/DBT on the third line. So, my question is, can I / should I install DBT firmware? (What I want to do, is to upgrade Android 9 SEE to Android 10 DBT. Should I do it?)

Thank You

  • Are you sure that the country the device was used the first time has an effect on the firmware and it's ability to upgrade? Usually a region lock is applied by the manufacturer before selling it. – Robert Jan 10 at 19:05
  • I think so, because when I did put my sim card the first time, there was a message saying wether I wanted to use the phones firmware or the sim card's one. I selected the sim card's, then the phone rebooted, downloaded the firmware and installed it. – user8386563 Jan 10 at 19:57

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