About a week ago I configured my smartphone Access Point Name (APN) of the type APN protocol from including the value IPv4 to including the value IPv4/IPv6. Since then, generally all IP addresses I recognized for my smartphone were IPv6 addresses.
I didn't change the value for the APN type APN roaming protocol → its value is still IPv4 only.

I understand I can now have both IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses but the purpose of the following question is to understand the general occurrence I personally recognize of IPv6 addresses for my smartphone.

Furthermore, today I restarted the smartphone many times and all these times I got IPv6 addresses starting with:


My questions

Why since I configured my smartphone APN protocol to IPv4/IPv6 I generally only had IPv6 addresses?

Is it a coincidence or the cause of some global standard cellular operators are now following?

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