User has two android devices(phones). User has signed into the same google account on both devices.

- Work Device
- Has a sim card
- Mobile data enabled
- Is not used much, kept away while at home
- Hotspot is switched on while at home.

- Play device
- Doesn't have a sim card
- Always used by the user while at user home
- Gets data connection through WiFi of Device01/Public WiFi

Consider the following senario:
- The user is watching YouTube on Device02 in another room / goes out to buy a pack of chips,
- User wants to send a SMS real quick,
- Now can the user ask his google assistant on Device02 "Okay Google, Send SMS to Mr. XYZ" and set up google assistant such that SMS is sent through Device01 instead?

Is this currently possible? Or will we need Google Nest/Hub/Home etc...?


I think you can not do that, because device 1 has a simcard and device 2 has internet connection only, but you can text device 1 using whatsapp or telegram

  • I think I didn't ask the question properly... I don't want to text from device2 to device1; I want to ask assistant in Dev2 to connect to assistant in Dev1 and send sms from Dev1 to some third party... Jan 13 '20 at 17:19

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