I am trying to open an account in DBS bank. It can only be done through their mobile app. On first try I input my email, phone number etc but before submitting, app crashed. Since then it tells me I already have an account, please sign in. But as I don't remember setting password, clicking forgot password and inputting email, phone number tells me such details do not exist in system. Even customer support has no answer to this. What can I do here?

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    Just checking if you uninstalled & reinstalled or 'force stopped' the app and wiped the data. The mobile app may be in a 'bad' state so clearing the data may resolve that problem. Logically if you had to login from a clean slate the app will have to check with the bank servers. If the app says you aren't recognized then try to re-register. If it still has problem like won't let you register or go through forgotten password, only the back-office/server team at the bank can figure out what is going on. – Morrison Chang Jan 13 at 3:53

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