I have recently started to get a bit of battery issues so I decided to install BBS and have a look at the partial wakelocks.

One thing which stood out from the dump was that while the rest of the wakelocks were below 3 minutes for a duration of 14 hours, one particular wakelock stood out with about an hour of activity - messaging_service_work_wakelock.

I tried to search as to what it is but there have been no results in google (the best result I found is from an xda thread from 2011). I understand that from the name, it appears to be related to the messaging service but what exactly is it for ? and how do I stop it ?

I am on android 10, Pixel 3 ROM if it helps.

Note: This is a recent issue. It did not use to happen earlier. The recent changes that I have done are

  • updated apps through the play store (not the messaging app but play services did get updated).
  • added a second google account to the device (but that was days ago).

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