Phone: samsung s10

runs android

Sometimes when i visit "certain" websites, the site requests to send notifications to me through chrome. How do I remove these chrome site notification requests from random websites? I dont see any locations for removal.

[screenshot 11 [screenshot 2]2 [screenshot 3]3

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How to permanently remove a particular Chrome notification from Android mobile phone?

See pictures.

  • Do you mean to say you want to remove those notification entries of websites from that Settings page? – Firelord Jan 16 '20 at 2:20
  • Yes, I want to remove the entries. – Dan Z Jan 16 '20 at 20:18

To remove notifications for an individual site on Chrome for Android, you need to block the Notification permission by doing the following:

  1. Open Chrome -> Settings.
  2. In the Advanced section, click on Site Settings, then All Sites. Sites that have permissions set will be listed.
  3. Find the site you are looking for, click on it.
  4. Under the Permissions section, click on the permissions you want to remove, in your case the Notification permission, then select "Block".

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