How can i get all my backup data into (data folder) ??

Here is my list of data (i run this command with (file *)

userdata_20200109_180356.backup:   data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup1:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup2:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup3:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup4:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup5:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup6:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup7:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup8:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup9:  data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup10: data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup11: data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup12: data
userdata_20200109_180356.backup13: data

Can some one help me with that? how can i do this into data files.

  • Based on the file names this question is identical: android.stackexchange.com/questions/141805/… – Robert Jan 16 at 20:14
  • please note if your device uses full disk encryption you need a copy of metadata, otherwise these backup files become useless after factory reset. read back metadata partition with SP Flash Tool – alecxs Jan 17 at 8:58
  • How can i read back the metadata in SP Flash Tool? – fredy4 Jan 17 at 11:33
  • Thanks i got the preloader.bin now from the phone. but i flashed the phone with wrong rom. i need the right rom now for fix the phone. – fredy4 Jan 17 at 18:55

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