You may note the almost duplicate title from this question. It keeps coming up when trying to solve my current issue.

I created a little web app to help at work. Just some html and javascript, and before Android started enforcing the Scoped Storage I had no issues using it. Now when I try to load the URL (ie: file:///storage/emulated/0/__MyDocs/SignInTracker.html) I get an access denied error.

I could use FireFox but it seems to be because it's not yet using the Scoped Storage standard, which if I understand correctly, will be a requirement in the next Android version, so that means I cannot rely on it working in the future. Also, FireFox just doesn't run as nicely as Chrome.

Is there a proper way for a non-Android-developer to use a local web app like this? Is there perhaps a location on the phone where I can place my .html and .js files that will allow Chrome to access them without issues? At work I'm not online or connected to anything, so loading from another server/computer is not an option.

For reference: My Chrome version is 79.0.3945.116, my FireFox version is 68.4.1, and my phone OS is Android 10; Pixel Build/QP1A.191005.007.A1.

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