I've got a bazillion images that I have no time to scroll for if I need to show something, and I'm considering to give them tags to identify them.

For example, I have a photo of a receipt. I want to add tags of the name of the store-purchased, name of the brand, name of the item. So if I have to show an accountant or tax guy, I can quickly retrieve the image using its tags.

Is there any way to tag photos and later search for them? 3rd-party apps are also allowed.

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  • Asking for app recommendations would be on-topic on our SoftwareRecs sister site ;) And there are several gallery apps supporting tags (disclosure: link goes to my Android site). Just search the linked page for "tag" (I pointed that out for some, while others might have the feature as well). – Izzy Jan 17 at 7:32

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