I've got a Samsung tablet, and have always had the "require authentication" for purchases, as it's mostly used by my young kids. We've never had a problem, until this month...

We went on vacation and took the tablet, in this time my son was able to rack up $1500 worth of in-app purchases in just a few days (when we noticed what was happening).

I was wondering could an auto-update of OS/Play Store have changed the setting?

My wife actually spoke to somebody at google support, and there was mention of cache being cleared? (I'm not sure, I only heard second-hand). And I haven't been able to find an update log of sorts?

It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab A(2016), Android 8.1.0 Play Store is currently, 18.4.15 (though was 18.3.13 the other day).

Like I said, it appears authentication has become disabled without our realisation around January 5, 2020. (All transaction prior to this were intentional)

Any genuine advice or suggestions are welcome.

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    To answer the title only: changing/disabling "require authentication" setting won't notify anyone. While I'm not sure if an auto-update could change the setting, clearing data (not cache) of the Play Store will reset the setting to "always" instead of "never", so that's not the case. Another possibility is... someone knows your password and changed the setting. – Andrew T. Jan 19 at 6:04
  • Thanks, I tried clearing the cache the other day and that did nothing. I didn't want to try clearing data, so nice to know that defaults to "always". I agree it's possible my wife might have changed the setting without realising it, but I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. My son - I expect he'd probably have done so long ago if he knew the password. It's the sudden access that makes me suspect something else might be possible. – Matt C Jan 19 at 6:22

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