My android phone is going wonky since I washed its surface yesterday(Hey, where's my IP68?), cannot picking up any WIFI or 4G signals even I restart or go into safe mode(my SIM card and WIFI are good on other device). Now I'm trying to find a way to do the COMPLETE backup of my phone before I can do further actions like reset to factory default.

When I look into the debug mode, there is a "Complete backup to my PC" function got my eyes, and I'd like to know is it really COMPLETE? like I can back to my usual use immediately without re-enter my APPs login credentials after restoration?

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    there is no such option for complete backup. power down, open usb cover, the sim tray, remove cards and put device in oven at 50° degree celsius for several hours – alecxs Jan 19 at 11:06
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    Bringing @alecxs comment a step further: there's no such thing as a complete backup (unless the device is rooted or you have at least a custom recovery installed, supporting Nandroid backups). For details, please see: How to fully backup non-rooted devices? – Izzy Jan 19 at 12:03
  • ouch, how sad even I know this is for the security, but the process of restoration always annoying – Kaninchen Jan 19 at 18:25

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