I will try to change a firmware of SAMSUNG Galaxy J600FN with a current firmware of J600FNXXU6BSK2 with a new firmware J600GDXU3ARH5. I am changing the firmware to bypass the FRP because methods like Talk back, Inserting/Removing Sim card and HushSMS won't work.


  1. Will this scenario will be suceeding in changing firmware?
  2. What are the common causes of the android phone bricking? (Hard/Soft Brick)

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If you are flashing ROM, Common causes could be

  1. Wrong ROM
  2. Battery Failure (Please make sure it is charged fully or upto 70%)
  3. Power Off/ Cancelling process in between.

Please search for the same Model ROM to Upgrade to current version. Also in Settings, search for Software Update option before trying anything else.

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