Obviously there is much more information out there on how to enable hotspot, but not nearly as much on disabling it. I'd like to disable it permanently/semi-permanently. Is there a setting or package I can change or disable over ADB? Full disclosure, I'm an absolute Android noob, but I have managed to set up ADB and do a few basic things with my phone over ADB. Phone is not rooted (Verizon-locked bootloader, Moto G6 Play).

EDIT: I ended up doing the following, which is a clumsy technique but works well enough for those of us with limited programming skills - I installed the automation app MacroDroid and made this macro: trigger: hotspot enabled --> action: disable hotspot. This is dead-ass simple and accomplishes what I want, which is preventing hotspot from being used. When I try to turn it on, it immediately toggles off again. Hope this helps someone else in the future.

  • Duplicate of How do I disable the Mobile Hotspot feature? – Irfan Latif Jan 22 '20 at 7:40
  • Not possible without root. With root you can delete hostapd init service, or delete/rename/chmod hostapd binary (and/or dnsmasq binary on Android 9 and before), or block DHCP ports (67, 68) using iptables. – Irfan Latif Jan 22 '20 at 7:43

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