I have a Pixel 3. I'm trying to use an external USB connected microSD card for recording long videos in a vehicle. However, even with wireless charging I'm finding that the power supplied is insufficient to keep the battery from draining. I would like to therefore provide wired power, at the same time that the USB drive is connected. How can I do this?

My first throught was some kind of USB hub, but then I realized that the phone will be accessing the device in on the go mode, not normal slave move. Various bits of research suggest that it's not trivial or standard

But it does seem to be possible. I don't want to do any wiring, I just want something off the self. One answer to the above linked question specifically says:

To have your tablet to be charged and simultaneously be in host mode, a special arrangement is required. In USB charging specification it is called "accessory charger adapter". For some more details you can see this item. However, your tablet must support this "accessory" mode, which may not be the case.

I don't even know how to tell if my device supports this mode. The words "accessory charger adapter" are rather overloaded and Google returns a lot of completely unrelated stuff.

ADDITION: The devices are available at Amazon with keyword search [OTG and charge at the same time]

I also tried this search, but am still no closer to finding something that should work.

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