In Xiaomi, we can do a second space.

  • Put a certain password, and we go to the first space.
  • Put another password, and we go to the second space.

Xiaomi also supports dual apps, which is a different feature. Combined, I think we can have like 4 WhatsApp accounts per phone.

What about Samsung? Do we have a second space in Samsung?

I've heard some devices allow for multiple users to share a phone. Say, you do regular WhatsApp on one device. You do your secret businesses on another user. If someone forces you to open your devices, you will just show your first user.

Note: Samsung seems to have ways to allow multiple users on the same phone: Multi-User switching accounts - something you should be aware of. However, there is no way to hide those extra users from say, cops. Android in general can: How to Set Up Multiple User Accounts on the Same Device. However, there is no way to do it like a second space.


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UPDATE: there are apps for isolating environment and e.g. hiding other apps. Check Island.

Unfortunately, lots of Android capabilities are limited by producers - that's the case, too. According to this link on Reddit, people are searching, but with no success. The only devices are tablets, described e.g. here on Samsung Support page for Galaxy Tab S.

Of course you can enable multi-user functionality by modifying system files, but mostly that's not the way a standard user like - warranty issues, triggered Knox, disables access to S Apps... essentially, lots of problems.

So, to sum up - without modifications, it's impossible on Samsung smartphones to enable multi-user functionality. Root your phone, and then you'll be able to turn on multi-user, but keep in mind that rooting your device comes with lots of pros and cons.


Did you try Save Folder? It may have what you are looking for.

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