In google contacts, i have recently noticed field duplication (NOT duplicate contacts). Sometimes an email field will be duplicated hundreds of times, sometimes a note, sometimes a phone number, sometimes a spouse. The contact records get so big that they take a few minutes to load when viewing in the contacts app. I tried using contact optimizer (paid version) with no success. From my PC, looking at Google contacts, the records appear fine - the field duplication issue only exists on the phone. Yesterday i deleted all contacts on the phone and on google and then did a full reload into Google. This cleaned up the issue and all seemed good. Today however, the duplication seems to have begun again. Already some contact records have massive numbers of duplicate fields.

  • As there no other user that have the same problem it has to be something specific to your device. Please update your question and add details information of your device (name, manufacturer), Android version, each and every app you use that makes use of the address book and of course if your device is rooted (if it is also list your modifications like Xposed, Magisk modules, ...). – Robert Jan 22 at 18:01

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