I have a Moto G phone. I'm using LineageOS. Yesterday I notice my phone went dead. When I press power button, a white light in the camara flashes three times, which I understand to be no battery. It did have enough battery though.

When I connect the phone to charge (using PC), the 0% battery charging screen shows up. But it's stuck there at 0%. I can get to the boot menu (power button and volume down), which shows me "battery low", but when trying to boot recovery or any option, the phone restarts but is again stuck at low battery.

My guess is that the battery is gone. Since it cannot be charged, the OS doesn't have the power to load anything. However, it should load when the phone is connected and "charging". Perhaps the problem is not the battery itself but the phone recognising that the battery does have enough charge. Is this possible? Anyway, any idea is more than welcome.

  • first, PC can not really charge (<500mA) use the original charger. second, don't boot just leave it off while charging. third, powering phone with charger only does not work without battery, because charger doesn't give stable dc current
    – alecxs
    Jan 23, 2020 at 9:43

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SOLUTION: I have same problem on moto-G6 running Android-9. My phone was on charger all night but showed 0% in the morning.. However it appeared to have some charge as i was able to make and receive phone calls and txt. The battery status icon was just stuck on 0%.

Here is FIX that worked for me.

#1) If your phone is working but shows 0% battery all the time proceed to #2

#2 Hold down the (vol-) + (Power) buttons until you see bootloader screen. (Note: do NOT release buttons until you see bootloader menu screen. Also do not worry if camera takes a screen shot. Just keep holding (vol-) + (power) buttons until bootloader screen appears).

#3 Use (vol-) or (vol+) button to change menu option to [Qcom]. [pressing (vol-) or (vol+) scroll through options]. I pressed (vol-) 7 times or (vol+) 3 times to reach [Qcom]. Your phone maybe different. Just Stop when you see the [Qcom] option.

#4 Press (power) button to choose [Qcom] option

#5 Phone should reboot automatically and Battery Icon will display correct %

I Hope this method works for you.. it worked for me. GOOD LUCK :)

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