Does anyone know of a way to block calls and SMS with zero knowledge there is or ever was a call or text? i.e. Nothing audible or visual happens on the phone, there is no log, and it does something like pickup and hangup quickly to avoid sending the caller to voicemail. I don't care if the caller knows they're being blocked, but bonus if not knowing is possible too. There should be no means for them to leave any indication that they called or texted.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and I tried several call blocking apps and what I notice is:

  • The home and back buttons light up when the call comes in
  • An icon in the status bar quickly appears and disappears when the call comes in
  • The blocked calls are logged and there is no option to disable this

Anyone know of anything that will do this, or if it's even possible? The phone is rooted, and I'll write my own app if I have to...

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