I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 9 Pie installed. It has an annoying feature, each time I e.g. get a message via Telegram, a pop-up window appears over any other application I am currently using on top of the screen:

screenshot of an annoying telegram popup notification on the BBC news app

I want to disable that for all apps. I found this reddit answer:

When you're in notification settings for an app, there's the label for the notification channel and the checkbox next to it. Checking the checkbox enables/disables notifications entirely. Tapping the label, as unintuitive as it is, brings you to the advanced settings where you can disable pop up/sound/vibrations.

If I go to e.g. Settings>Notifications>Telegram, I can tap each single chat and disable pop-ups. This is tedious, surely there is a global option to turn this invasive feature off?

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