Dont know if this is the right place to get help for this, but Im desperate.

Using HTC One M9 for four and half years now, whenever power and volume button not working, replaced myself twice.

Last month had to replace again, but accidentally broke the connector on motherboard. Charging was zero. Phone charged later, and shows the charging 100% on the switched off screen, but Cant use power and volume button.

USB DEBUGGING IS TURNED ON. But adb reboot command says no devices found. Expected so.

Anything you can suggest to Turn my phone on at least once, to take whatsapp back up and stuff.

I would be so grateful. Thank You.

  • As it seems to have an always-on display (showing charge and probably also date/time – unless that's just a "charging screen" and the device isn't booted up), you could try double-tapping the screen to wake it up. Of course that'd work only if the device is already booted, and it's not just a charging screen… – Izzy Feb 4 at 7:18

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