If I buy a used and infected phone with a expensive spyware on it that the antivirus does not detect or is unable to remove than will flashing a new custom recovery and custom ROM make it safe to use?

What would be the proper way of doing it? Connect to computer and install new recovery first and then the rom or some other way?

Once I have done these two steps, can I be assured that my phone is clean?

And should I be worried about getting my computer infected?

Edit: If this is not enough then what other actions should I take to be sure that the phone is clean?

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    the proper way is find the right flash tool and stock rom before buying. custom rom depends on stock rom firmware – alecxs Feb 6 at 18:06
  • No, you can't be sure. The recovery and the system partition are the two most important partitions but not the only one. There are also Bootloader, RIL, plus device specific partitions. – Robert Feb 6 at 18:14
  • @Robert : So what would be the proper way to rewrite all the partitions? – Linux_user0987 Feb 7 at 6:39
  • as i said just flashing stock ROM and you will be fine. it will not harm your pc – alecxs Feb 7 at 8:05
  • @Linux_user0987 That is device dependent. There is no general way to flash a Android partition respectively system image. – Robert Feb 7 at 8:14

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