I got a call from my company's Google Suite administrator that they got an alert about my phone (a Samsung S10 running Android 10) getting rooted this morning.

Google's support site isn't really helpful with this, stating only that they consider my device compromised because it's rooted.

All additional information I got about the alert is:

Summary: An Android device was rooted. (Device ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Date: Feb 12, 2020, 09:23 AM CET (2020-02-12T09:23:17+01:00)

Device owner: firstname.lastname@company.com

As I'm pretty sure that I didn't root my company phone (especially not this morning, I was in a meeting). As I understand some apps installed can (?) root my phone, but I also don't have apps installed from untrusted sources, and I didn't install any apps in the last two days even from Google Play.

I also tried it with Root Checker, and it seems like that the phone is not rooted.

The SafetyNet Test status is

  • Basic Integrity: Success
  • CTS Profile Match: Success
  • Response Signature Verification: Success

Is there a way that I can check on my phone what exactly causes Google to think that the device is compromised / rooted?

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    you got a call from whom? somebody you can trust? – alecxs Feb 12 at 10:11
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    yes, he works at the same company, I know him personally. I do trust him. I edited the question to clarify that. – ytg Feb 12 at 10:12
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    this user reported similar situation, device is most likely unmodified but detected as rooted (just for reference, please ignore suggestions in comments) android.stackexchange.com/q/221031 – alecxs Feb 12 at 10:19
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    Can you do a safetynet check and report us the results? Also, which Android device and Android version do you have? – Firelord Feb 12 at 10:24
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    You should also ask the person who called you to get some more details what was written in the alert and include that in your question. – Robert Feb 12 at 10:29

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