I'm trying to permanently disable hotspot on my phone. I saw this answer here How do I disable the Mobile Hotspot feature?

I've connected my phone (ulefone armor 6e) to adb but I can't find hostapd in system/bin/ does anyone know where it is in Android 9? ( I can find it easily in an android 7 phone) or another file to delete that will do job without damaging anything else? I've not yet rooted my phone and I know I will have to try to do this to delete system files. But i would like to at least find the file i need to delete first.

Or is there an easier way?:D

  • In /vendor/bin/. Or /odm/bin/. Since Android 8 hardware-specific vendor code is isolated from generic AOSP code in separate partition(s). Feb 15 '20 at 0:58
  • Thanks for the reply. It doesn't seem to be in vendor/bin. I when i change directory to odm it lists bin as being there but when I type 'cd bin' I get '/system/bin/sh: cd: /odm/bin: No such file or directory' Feb 15 '20 at 23:10
  • It can be in some subdirectory e.g. /vendor/bin/hw/hostapd. You can run adb shell find /system /vendor /odm /product -name hostapd 2>/dev/null. Or adb shell grep -I hostapd /*/etc/init/*.rc. Or adb shell ps -A -o cmdline | grep hostapd. And so on. If you still cannot find the binary then SELinux might not be allowing adb to access vendor stuff. But hostapd is definitely there. Just root your phone and you'll have access to everything. And sorry but your query is about basic usage of shell, not Android. Feb 16 '20 at 0:24

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