I have tried to turn off the Video Capture bleeper, but even when the volume is silent it is emitted at maximum volume. It seems to me that it is a simple case of hard-coded instructions effectively bypassing the chosen options, because there is a setting to disable emitted sounds and it is not applied. It is similar in nature to another problem, wherein the device is waken by any notification and the screen blanks out and locks after the coded delay, regardless of any user input activity. But that is a different problem, so it is not the focus here.

To say the least, it is annoying when you try to take a video of the cat doing something funny, and the bleeper sound causes such a distraction that the cat forgets all about what he was doing. Or if the cat is asleep and doing something funny, and the bleeper sound awakens him before any of it can be captured.

I could just block the speaker when it is about to make the sound, but that is an old joke from back when television was just starting to get popular.

Is there any reasonable way to mannage this problem until the developers release a fixed version? I would prefer ways that don't involve rooting the device, or modifications to the audio hardware sub-system (like adding a switch in series with the speaker). Thank you.

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