I'm using Mi 8 pro with MIUI 11, Today I changed dpi from developer mode and now I'm stuck in a boot loop. but I can go to Mi-Recovery mode and there is only 3 option available. reboot, wipe all data, Connect to Mi assistant.

Thing's I tried:

  • I've used ADB before but unfortunately, I disabled USB Debugging after using ADB and now when I try to use ADB for resetting dpi, I'm not successful.
  • When I'm going to Connect to Mi assistant from Recovery-mode, It's showing me this url. I'm installing this software but My phone doesn't connect to it.

All I want is to backup my pictures. Is there anything I can do? I believe if I press wipe all data my phone will work as before but I will lose all of my pictures which I don't want to.

(Sorry for bad English)

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