I was going through my settings today and I clicked on privacy then checked my special access and noticed something I've never seen before. An app called watch GPU interceptor it had full access permissions with no description. I turned it off went back to the main menu a few minutes later I went back to special access and it was still there and set to on, full access. I searched everywhere I could on my phone went through apps permissions I couldn't find it as an app. I found GPU watch which was in developer options, I turned off developer options then went back to special access and had to turn off ""GPU watch Interceptor "" again. I cannot find that exact phrase in Google search. I'd like to know if this was something that I turned on in developer options or if it was some sort of Hack / malware. I'm using a Samsung S10 Plus, with Android 10 on Verizon and home Wi-Fi I have added a screen capture of what I saw

Thank youenter image description here


No, It doesn't a malware.

GPUWatch aids developers in their monitoring and measurement of performance between Vulkan and OpenGL ES. It’s now packed with new features, such as overlaid measurement results and real-time information on-screen – all made possible without separate installation or PC connection. Samsung NewsRoom

How is showed in the smartphone screen : enter image description here
image retired from link GDC19

For to deepen in GPUWatch I recommend to you two Youtube videos:
GDC19:  A talk of HyoKeun Lee addressing about why use that tool.
GDC18:  HyoKeun again, showing how to use GPUWatch.

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