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So my inquiry today, is that i realised samsung has just roll out the Android 10 Update for S9 devices, on Feb 2 but my phone is not getting updated yet via OTA, like always

I had no problem getting Android 9 (Pie) when it released.

but now, i am so confused, why my phone is not getting the update.

Well, i looked into SAMMOBILE official page, and some carriers of my model [SM-G960U1] have already the Android 10 Update,

so my question here is, wich one of those [https://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-s9/firmware/#SM-G960U1], is my correct update or firmware

i figure out is the Unknown (XAA) Version [https://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-s9/firmware/SM-G960U1/XAA/download/G960U1UEU7DTA5/314846/], but i need to be sure

so here we are, i need some help to get the correct firmware for my S9.

The things is that the PDA and CSC are the same on each Carrier, and is difficult to identify i never had that issue with previous phones like S6, S3 or S7.

also, i looked into IME PAGE INFO, and says that is : XAG Version -> IMEI.info: CSC XAG so, that confuse me.

NOTE: AND not MY Phone is not Rooted, i keep it official since i bought it.

so for you, i have the ADB Lines: of my S9 Phone:

[ril.debug.ntc]: [M:VZW, S:TFN, T:CDM, C:USA]
[ril.region_props]: [TFN.TFN]
[ril.product_code]: [SM-G960UZKATFN]
**[ro.boot.carrierid]: [XAA]**
[ro.boot.em.model]: [SM-G960U1]
[ro.boot.sales_code]: [TFN]
[ro.bootloader]: [G960U1UES7CSK2]
[ro.build.PDA]: [G960U1UES7CSK2]
[ro.build.display.id]: [PPR1.180610.011.G960U1UES7CSK2]
[ro.build.product]: [starqlteue]
[ro.carrier]: [unknown]

Service provider SW ver.

AND Thats all very grateful that you can help me I will appreciate it a lot

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