I am looking any suggestions of an an open source package or web software that I can manage both my Android devices (Galaxy 10.1 tab/Galaxy S Smartphone. My computer OS is Ubuntu. I want to be able to back up my devices and manage my files on my PC. I have tried Airdroid with limited success. I current have the ability to view and manage my devices as data store devices.


If you are just talking about files, I'd take a look into FTPSyncX or FolderSync. I can only talk for FTPSyncX, as I am using it myself -- but most of the following should be valid for both apps:

You can setup directory pairs (one on your device matching another on your PC), and have them sync bidirectionally or unidirectionally. You can configure the sync interval: globally, per server, or even per directory-pair. You can even tell it to only sync when you're in your Home WiFi, or only when you request it (via Widgets, from within the app, or even event-based controlled by Tasker.

If this answer didn't catch your intention, feel free to comment, ask, or update your question :)

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  • I accepted this answer, but you gave me 2 options. To make your answer useful to others, I just want to mention I used FTPSyncX and set it up as suggested – stephenmyall Jul 18 '12 at 4:24
  • Glad to read, thank you! So just to make it complete: FTPSyncX has a pro-version as well. The trial mentioned in my answer is fully functional, but restricted in the number of servers/directories you can configure. So if the app works for you, but you need e.g. more directories to configure - that's where you can go (in fact, the Pro is what I am using). Btw: very responsive developer; e.g. the widgets and Tasker support was added on my request ;) – Izzy Jul 18 '12 at 5:49

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