Phone is a Samsung Note 9 SM-960F model. The phone is running Android 10. And I never experienced this problem on any other phone, model or Android version before.

Basically I am logged into my Google account. Every Google service works great. Except two-step verification.

  • I get the "notification" in Chrome for example when I sign in on a new PC. All great.
  • The phone makes a notification sound, the two step verification pops up.
  • I tap "Yes", I get a toast notification "Approved".... and nothing happens.

What could cause this and how could I fix this?


I've encountered this issue before and in the end it turned out to just be a server-side outage / traffic. Either wait it out after submitting or try again in a bit if it times out, but don't spam requests as it'd likely contribute to the delays. Feel free to confirm it's not an network/carrier/ISP connectivity issue on your end first (e.g., switch to mobile data or vice versa), but when it last occured I was quite peeved there was no mention anywhere on Google's end in support resources regarding ongoing outages.

  • Fair enough, thanks for the answer. Thought it's something on my end...
    – Apache
    Feb 29 '20 at 10:44

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