Whenever there is a non-black solid color block in any application I can see tiny "watermarks", a pattern, and I don't even need to get close to see that.

The effect is more visible in lighter colors. The dark spots have more than 2 pixels in each dimension and they appear to be blue-ish.

Is it because of the Pen-Tile LCD configuration? Is my device defective?


It's likely the matrix which you are seeing.


The Galaxy Nexus uses the RGBG matrix just like previous galaxy, however it's much higher resolution than many other pentile displays.

Here's a magnification of another, similar screen from a different samsung phone. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/09/28/samsungs-super-amoled-hd-screens-bring-back-the-pentile-matrix/

If that's not what you're seeing then it may be a hardware issue.

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