My nephew and I was playing an old atari videogame from a website in the PC. He has a cellphone with Android and asked me if he could play in that. I went to the site with the cellphone Google Chrome's browser and the game loaded full screen correctly, but we don't have any idea how the keyboards key from the pc can be triggered from the cellphone screen, if this is possible. Is this possible?

Can online games from websites be played in Android?


Can online games from websites be played in Android? Simply answered, yes. Online browser based games are designed to be OS agnostic and work on any hardware using standard software. That said, because of Android and device limitations, it is with some caveats as you are discovering with things like controls, and in some cases web browser plug-ins, or things like Flash, may not work because of the browser(s) available for Android.

That said, in your specific instance where keyboard controls are required, it might not be possible to play the game without some kind of external device like a keyboard or mouse, which most Android devices support via Bluetooth and some via USB-OTG.

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