So I recently reset my Google Pixel 3a(Rooted recently). Prior to resetting I used Titanium backup to backup all apps and data, and had no issues doing so. I also transferred my Titanium Backup file folder to my PC for restoration purposes.

However, now that I have reset, downloaded and installed Titanium Backup, granted full permissions(including third party app installation), and transferred the Titanium Backup folder back to my phone storage, there are no apps listed to restore. I am wondering the best way to fix this?

Also as a note, when I first launch the app, it reads "Number of app data elements 294" but as stated, they don't show in the restore menu. I am on the latest Android 10, Rooted with Magisk, fully updated, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help,


  • In the settings of TiBu, make sure you've selected the folder containing your backups as backup location. There are different ways to do so (storage framework vs. direct), try them all to see which one works for you. – Izzy Mar 2 at 22:14
  • @Izzy So I checked and the backup location was the folder containing the 294 backup files, I also tried copying to another new folder and pointing it there with no luck :( – James Mar 2 at 23:43
  • @Izzy I finally noticed that Titanium for some reason auto filtered my apps list to "chrome", which definitely explains why only chrome was visible and no other apps were visible. Thanks for your reply. – James Mar 3 at 2:46
  • Could it be that was the last filter you've used before you reset the device – and TiBu just picked that filter up (settings can be stored to / restored from SD card, check for TiBu's folder there)? Whichever it is, maybe you want to answer your own question and accept that answer – so it's more obvious this is not just an unanswered issue? Thanks! – Izzy Mar 3 at 7:58

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