Charging my smartphone the front LED is always shining annoyingly green. This bothers me especially while reading an ebook which is why I am looking for a way to disable this feature.

So how do I disable the front status LED?

My smartphone is a Huawei Honor U8860, but I'm hoping to find a device-agnostic solution, be it in form of a hidden setting or app that adds the option to disable the front status LED.

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I haven't seem any such options or settings for any device so far. You can try these apps

  1. LightFlow Lite
  2. Adjbrightness

but I doubt these would work properly. (I can't check as my device doesn't have LED notification light.)

I believe this kind of things are only doable via Custom ROMs. You would have to check your device development forums. Start here - Huwaei U8860 - xda-developers.

I don't think you can get an universal solution. If there has been a way to do it via Android APIs it would already be in Settings I believe.


I am not sure that an App could get the low-level access needed to turn of the LED while charging. Your best bet is a custom ROM that has this low-level access and provides an API for an App or user setting. I would look at cyanogen mod.


I just found an app which works nicely without root for the Sony Z1 Compact: Disable Charging LED

Maybe this is worth a try for you, too.

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