Some days ago, I installed an app downloading it directly from the enterprise server. Today, an update was uploaded to the Play Store, but there, I can not see the update button to automatically update the app, I just can open it or uninstall it.

The app is signed with the same certificate and has a newer version code. It is programmed with ionic but I do not thing that matters.

I need a solution to install an app from outside Play Store, while keeping Play Store updating it.

Thanks in advance.

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    Are side-loaded versions just newer from those in PlayStore or are these versions internal versions that are never released on PlayStore? Because I stil don't see the advantage of side-loading an app when it can be installed from PlayStore as well. – Robert Mar 10 at 12:00
  • As @Robert rightly said, they could be internal or beta or yet to be submitted to Play Store or submitted but awaiting Play Store approval. Best is to ask the developers citing your concerns – beeshyams Mar 10 at 12:04
  • And yet another possibility which I noticed happens sometimes - update button doesn't show. Click back to exit and try again. After a few attempts, it may show – beeshyams Mar 10 at 12:06
  • Have you ever once updated the app from the Play Store? If you uninstall the app, can you actually fresh install the newer version from the Play Store? – Andrew T. Mar 10 at 12:19
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    @camgt The displayed version string is meaningless - it is just displayed but not used by PlaySTore. I am talking about the versionCode in the ´AndroidManifest.xml`. This is the relevant version number. – Robert Mar 10 at 12:35

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