I am experiencing very severe issues with my Galaxy 8+. I am on my 3rd replacement. As soon as I create a Google account someone/something accesses it and changes my account recovery info, adds devices, creates accounts: Samsung, Verizon and Gmail.

I am unable to install apps from the Play Store because it tells me my device is not certified. I have so many developer accounts and apps on my phone a total of 350+ my phone info states it is a custom OS and dual SIM!

I am the only one that is on my account I have not authorized any accounts or changes. I am certain that I have been a victim of MitM attack or denial of service, spoofing maliciousness. It seems I do not have any control of my phone. This phone sends out nasty vile texts to my contacts, random pictures etc. It's disgusting and harassing.

Please any advice would be appreciated. I cannot get through to Verizon, Samsung or Google. Please help me stop this.

  • What was installed before it was hijacked? – Phoenix Mar 11 at 23:30
  • Installed? I'm assuming whatever comes with the phone. I purchased brand new. The only install I did was set up my Google Acct. I couldnt even install Google Authenticator shortly after. – Chillave Mar 11 at 23:34
  • What about whatsapp? You added a tag for that. Did you even install whatsapp? – Phoenix Mar 11 at 23:35
  • Have you tried taking it for replacement? Also get a antivirus scan. – Phoenix Mar 11 at 23:37
  • Are you sure this is a "brand new" phone (from where did you buy and get the replacement)? Also, instead of using your current Google account, try creating a new Google account (to isolate if the issue is with your account). Alternatively, try setting up the phone without connecting to the internet. Play Store telling the device is not certified is indeed caused by using a modified system (e.g. custom ROM), so this is unlikely a "brand new" phone... – Andrew T. Mar 12 at 3:49

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