I use the Gmail app to read emails on my Android phone. I defined two accounts, a Gmail account and a Hotmail account. The Gmail account works w/o a problem, for syncing, reading, writing and deleting emails.

However, when using the Hotmail account, reading and writing emails work fine, but whenever I delete an email (with any of the various standard methods), the email is removed from Inbox, only to re-appear next time the account syncs (of course, when doing this from the web interface, it works just fine).

I tried a few solutions, including changing the Outlook options and changing settings on my phone, but nothing seems to work.

How can I make my deleted Hotmail emails really disappear?


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What do you know... Shortly after posting this, I found a thread in the Gmail help forum with a solution that worked for me, by user Nico P.

Quoting here, for reference:

If you look at your folders from your outlook account you'll notice that there is a folder named "Trash" (or another equivalent) and another folder that is the actual folder for deleted emails.

Try to delete this "Trash" folder , it will move it to the actual trash folder (you can then safely deletethis "Trash" folder from here) and sync your Gmail app again. You'll notice that the "Trash" folder is now gone.

Then retry to delete an email. It should work and appear in the "deleted elements" folder.

I think Gmail is programmed to automatically identify the trash folder and when this "Trash" folder is present it's messing up with the real delete action as the "Trash" folder is actually an artefact and not the real one.

Hope it helps, this solution solved my deletion problem.

Note that you don't need to delete the Trash folder. You could just rename it to get the same effect.

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