I 'd like my phone to detect if I'm home and then disable the lockscreen. My first idea was to use the smart unlock feature but I don't have a connected bluetooth device at home to use as trusted device and I feel uncomfortable to enable location on my phone, so I can't use trusted locations.

My next idea was to use tasker to check if my WiFi is connected and then have autoinput unlock the phone for me. Bad luck: to check connected WiFi Android requires location enabled so this won't do either.

Now I'm considering two options: 1st option would be to have a bluetooth device like an arduino with bluetooth shield or a ESP32 which automatically connects to my phone and then simply does nothing except for staying connected. As I'm no expert in bluetooth I'm not sure if this is acheivable or if I'll run into some kind of session timeouts. 2nd option is following: I recently ordered a samsung smartthings hub to automate my home. Would it be possible somehow for the smartthings hub to discover my smartphone and signal it that it is at home? Or maybe buy a smartthings arrival sensor key pendant to tell the hub that I'm present.

What do you think, how can I acheive that my phone registers being at home without location enabled?

Thanks for your help!

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    I am not sure if your conclusion is correct. For accessing the list of available Wifi networks Tasker needs the location permission because from the Wifi you can derive the location but the system does not require a location provider like GPS or mobile network location to list the Wifi networks. Hence if you just allow Tasker to access your location it should work. – Robert Mar 23 '20 at 15:55
  • I'm afraid that is not enough. i permitted tasker to access location but when I create a profile in which I try to get the available networks there is the error message: "for this android version, location services need to be enabled for WiFi detection to work. Battery saving location mode is sufficient. Would you like to enable location services now" and if I hit yes, it takes me to the setting where I can globally enable location. – jamkas Mar 23 '20 at 20:41

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