I unlocked oem mode. Then burned the warranty efuse (acting as disabling the warranty). Then, I successfully flashed cache.mbn modem.bin and system.img.ext4 through the bootloader.

However, after rebooting, the files I modified in order to get root in /system/xbin don’t appear. According to the pit file, the partition I flashed is /dev/block/mmcblk0p44. However, the device being mounted on /system is /dev/block/dm-0

gts3llte:/ $ mount | grep dm  
/dev/block/dm-0 on /system type ext4 (ro,seclabel,relatime,norecovery).

So it seems I didn’t modify the right file. But, how I can know how /dev/block/dm-0 is built in order to modify it? Without root of course.
It should be noted that rolling back to a previous version of the firmware isn’t a problem through odin and I saw no hash block files in the fully extracted official firmware.


I noticed a file called /verity_key in the mincrypt format inside the initrd. So if I change that file along with the hash partition, I should be able to put an image with my own signing right?
But where’s the hash partition on that device? The kernel’s cmdline doesn’t contain anything about the android.vbmeta.device.

I tried to install twrp and it indeed refuses to boot it by directly going in download mode instead (but keeping the screen black).

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