I am setting up a new phone for a friend. It's a cheap prepaid phone (Simple mobile TCL A1), so it is missing some features I am used to, since I am used to custom ROMS. However, I have noticed that Android Oreo conflates all location services into high-accuracy Google-sharing location. And then nags you to death until you turn it on and give the mothership it's serving of personal data. Looking around in the location settings, there is only 1 slider, and if I actuate it, the nag pops up. If I disagree, the slider deactivates. On other versions of android, you can enable location, and leave "high precision location" (which is a 2 way share of local wi-fi networks and analysis from Google) disabled.

How can I disable the nagging warning and enable the GPS location?

This user is a previously-exclusive iPhone user, and this will be their first experience on Android. I'd rather not have it full of random annoying popups for them to click.

  • Why? is something that only Google can answer. Next, you can't disable that. If your device is rooted, there may be solutions (I haven't searched) – beeshyams Mar 26 at 5:09

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