I want to inspect inside HTTPS-encrypted packets that an app is sending. It is not my app, I don't have its source code.

My device is rooted, so I can modify /system/etc/security/cacert if needed, for instance to do man-in-the-middle proxying.

Up to Android 8, one could just install a self-made certificate, but it does not work anymore. I have Android 9, but I can upgrade if needed.

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    I've heard good reviews about this app in some forums. No personal experience /affiliation
    – beeshyams
    Commented Mar 26, 2020 at 5:28

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As tipped by @beeshyams, HttpCanary is perfect for this.

You need a rooted device, of course.

HttpCanary takes care of all of the difficult steps (certificate generation and installation) transparently.

It shows a list of requests (filterable by app), and details of each request and response.

The best feature is this overlay showing request while I am using other apps (bottom right):

enter image description here

Even though the Google Play page says "HttpCanary core codes are opened in Github", https://github.com/MegatronKing/HttpCanary does not contain most of the source code, so I believe it is not open source.

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