I saw that T-Mobile has enabled IPv6 for its network, and I wanted to try it out.

I dropped off my WiFi network, changed my APN to the IPv6-enabled APN (epc.tmobile.com) and was unable to pull an address.

Turns out that they don't support it on this phone (a T-Mobile G2, a.k.a. HTC Vision/HTC Desire Z) yet; they say that only two phones work.

So, I have a couple of queries which led me to post this question:

  • Is the IP engine for the EDGE and HSDPA radio actually on-chipset in this phone?
  • IPv6 was of course a known thing on the horizon when the phone was released, so if the previous question is a “yes”, then is it at least part of the radio firmware that can be upgraded?
  • I've removed the last question; we can't speculate as to why people are boneheaded about IPv6. – Matthew Read Apr 25 '12 at 21:25

The chipset in the G2/Vision/Desire Z doesn't support IPv6, even though the option appears in the OS and T-Mobile is IPv6 enabled.

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