How to define a phablet?

I first read this word in article about "ZTE building some Galaxy Note-style phablets". This is something larger than a smartphone, but smaller than a tablet. But where is the boundary? What features would a device have (apart from size) to be considered smartphone/phablet/tablet ?

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Phablets are basically tablet / phone crossovers. Best examples are Samsung’s Galaxy Note and LG’s Optimus Vu.

As per ComputerWorld: A phablet is a phone with a screen so big that it can be used as a tablet.

There are no defined boundaries whatsoever in terms of screen sizes; so any tablet with phone (telephony) capabilities might also be termed a phablet.

  • Although I don't doubt upon this, I'd love to here what other people have to say about the "phablet" concept. :)
    – SamSPICA
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