So, suddenly my phone started showing, unfortunately, google play music has stopped and it did the same for almost every app..and restarted on its own...and after some research, I came to know that it went into a boot loop because it is continuously loading...and does not start after that.

Android version: 6.0.1

With zero knowledge of android and two days of google search, I tried the following things, however, nothing has solved the problem and my phone is still not working.

I tried:
1. ADB sideloading: I switched the phone to recovery mode, and selected apply update from ADB. I found the firmware file for my model from the official Asus site and executed the following command from my pc -
adb sideload UL-ASUS_Z010-WW-

However, it showed the following error:
sideload error

I was not able to find a solution to the error.

2.Secondly, I tried flashing the boot image available in the extracted firmware file as follows:

flash boot img

Even after that...it kept on loading with the logo on the screen and never started properly.

Maybe everything that I have said and done is wrong, and I am sorry for asking such a silly question. Please help me, to get my phone working properly.

  • I think this is a misunderstanding. The boot image is just a very small run-time which is executed at the beginning of the boot process. If it is finished it loads the system or the recovery. I assume that the installed bootloader works without problems, but your installed OS (containing the kernel and the system partition) is still broken. I would recommend to flash TWRP recovery via fastboot, boot it and then try to sideload the image you have. Alternatively search for a custom ROM with a more recent Android version for your device. – Robert Mar 31 at 15:11
  • So, for me to do anything, I am not able to unlock the bootloader...it says access denied, even with the unofficial method. Can you suggest me any method? – ijustdontget it Apr 1 at 13:10

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